Do It Tonight: Spring Dance Concert

Courtesy of Kora Radella

Courtesy of Kora Radella

As the semester winds down, you should be taking every opportunity to get some culture – before it’s too late, and you’re trapped inside the library for the rest of next week. Why not go to the Spring Dance Concert?

  • What: Spring Dance Concert
  • When: Tonight, May 2, and tomorrow, May 3, 2013, 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Where: Bolton Theater

We asked each choreographer for a short blurb about their piece.

From Elise Javetski:

My piece is entitled “Where We Were” and it’s a dance created for film. “Where We Were” is an adaptation and extension of a piece that was performed in the Fall dance concert.  It is comprised of three dancers and the whole film was shot at Wolf Run Park in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

From CoCo Loupe:

There is no narrative to this work [“to the gurus…”] although there may seem to be. A group of people negotiating space and time together. Squeezed into a small space with each trying to find their own unique way through it. I tried to allow for as much individual creative freedom within the making of the dance for each cast member. So autonomy and dependency on the inner community of the dance are always in conflict.

From Christeen Stridsberg:

This piece [“Touch”] is an exploration into different family & relationship dynamics, based off of a series of old photographs.

From Kora Radell, a review of “Travel me” from their recent performance at Cleveland Public Theatre:

This is a gorgeous piece about movement & body, space and distance.  Sung by Beckerman, this is a riveting spectacle of slow singing and movement. It is as if the lyrics themselves move or the movements sing – plaint and longing – a truly lovely thing. – Jessica Grim

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