Do it tonight: Stop-Motion Animation Film Festival

via facebook

via facebook

Come see the work of your classmates at the Stop-Motion Animation Film Festival tonight, featuring short films by Sara Baicker-McKee ’14, Nicholas Anania ’14, Daniel Seidman ’15, Emily Witosky ’15, Jane Merker ’15, Ally Schmaling ’14, Kate Lindsay ’15, Dylan Tuba-Jones ’15, Jacob Kaufman ’14, Hallie Bahn ’14 and James Neimeister ’13. You’ll need a solid break from Olin, so trot on over to Gund Gallery at 7PM and be there!

  • What: Stop-Motion Animation Film Festival
  • When: 7-8PM
  • Where: Gund Foundation Theatre, Gund Gallery

2 responses

  1. This is so cool, but under advertised to the general community in and around Gambier. I would have enjoyed going to this.

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