The Monday Catchup

Explosions from missile strikes in Damascus.

Explosions from missile strikes in Damascus.

Good Morning! Here is the news you may have missed from over the weekend as we head into finals week.

The Lead Story: Israel has reportedly attacked military targets near Damascus.

Everything Else:

Eight Service members were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend in three separate attacks according to NATO.

The Sanford/Colbert-Busch race in South Carolina is heating up as Colbert-Busch is beginning to pull away.

After the largest turnout in the countries history, the previous government in Malaysia has retained power amid corruption charges.

The NIMH has chosen to reject the DSM-V, opting for alternate options.

Orb won the Kentucky Derby as onlookers knocked-back Mint Juleps.

The Long Read: As hunger strikes continue at Guantanamo Bay, the Slate reports on excerpts of the journal of a current prisoner.

The Weather: Mother Nature is merciful as she gives us a little rain and temps in the low 70s as we head into Finals Week.  Rain is a pretty compelling reason to stay inside, either that or watch Netflix.

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