Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Packing/Storage But Have Been Afraid to Ask

My mental image of a storage unit (via world-insights.com)

Since The Thrill tries to be open with its readers, I am going to confide something in you guys for a moment. I got a little catty with my editor when I was assigned this topic because storagemakesmeanxious and Ihateitmakeitstop.  Anyway, I finally mustered up the courage to do some research. After a survey of my peers, I cobbled together some answers to “the questions you were too afraid to ask about storage,” for those of you with post-traumatic-storage-disorder like me.

Question 1: Where do I store things?

You should probably check this out. Green Valley, Dormside Depot, and Storage by Karen are all places to store things. The Equestrian team stores in their coach’s basement, which is cool for them but I guess not helpful to you.

Question 2: What is the best piece of storage advice you can give me?

The best piece of storage advice out there is, “get organized early.” But there are only four days left, so the best you can do now is to go on the Internet and cross your tiny fingers (I assume that “typing anxiety” is the reason you haven’t done this yet) that there is space left.

Question 3: What if I don’t have any friends to help me move things? Who do I ask?

Certain storage places (like Dormside Depot) will move it all for you, but I guess you could also take this opportunity to make some muscular friends.

Question 4: Can I store my perishables?


Question 5: Is it appropriate to have sex in a storage unit?

Are “appropriate” and “legal” the same thing?

Question 6: Okay. So what if I couldn’t get a space because of my tiny hand/typing anxiety? What now?

Ask around about groups who are storing things that might have extra room in their storage unit.  If all else fails, dig a big hole on campus, and start your own storage enterprise.

Question 7: Why are you so anxious about storage?* Isn’t it not that big of a deal?

Last year I didn’t get a storage space because I mostly just ran around in circles panicking about how I didn’t know anything about it. I was able to leave my fish and my lamp with my freshman roommate because she was staying here over the summer, but I wasn’t above releasing Phishlander Marcus Hoyt into the Kokosing River.

Question 8: Weren’t you also supposed to tell us about packing?

I was, but my clothes are still all over my floor and I’m really not the person to ask.

*If you have managed to get past the “vague anxiety” phase of this process, here are some helpful tips for how to pack when storing your things.

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