Another Year, Another Revisiting of “This is Water”

It’s commencement time again, which means people are getting in the graduation speech spirit, gossiping about who’s speaking where (President Obama went to OSU again, since it’s not like he practically lived there last fall) and reminiscing about the commencement addresses of yore. With that in mind, watch this hot new adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s hit 2005 Kenyon address, “This is Water” — now with pretty moving colors for those of you who can’t sit through a brief speech without getting bored and taking a Tumblr break, or something. It’s a great way to end another beautiful year on the Hill, or for the seniors, to get extra emotional about your own upcoming commencement.

2 responses

  1. point of clarity – while President Obama may have visited OSU many, many times during the campaign, this was his first commencement address there.

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