10 o’clock list: Ways to Spot First-Years

What I imagine when I see UCCs leading their UCClings around campus (via WordPress.com)

Now that most of the Upperclassmen are back, everyone can start playing my favorite new game “Spot a First Year.” Check out the best ways to spot these new students below:

  1. Lanyards – This is classic First-Year apparel. Keep your K-Card and key around your neck, never get locked out, right?
  2. Purple Peirce Wristbands – This one is simple. First Years needed them to get into Peirce during Orientation, but don’t necessarily take them off as soon as Upperclassmen arrive. So if you are ever in doubt as to whether someone is a First Year, be sure to check their wrist.
  3. Walking in giant groups, laughing/yelling loudly – For the next few weeks, First-Years are busy meeting all sorts of new people, making new friends, and as a result, they walk around campus in giant herds. Sort of like this.
  4. Walking to Peirce at 6:55 p.m. on a Saturday – This goes along with being confused in Peirce. In the first few weeks, First Years haven’t quite mastered the Peirce schedule, and they don’t realize that it closes at 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays.
  5. Looking hopelessly lost in Peirce – This one is understandable. Peirce can be confusing, and First-Years have only days of experience mastering the Servery. Still, if you see someone who doesn’t seem to know where the forks are, 9 times out of 10 it’s a First-Year.
  6. Showing up to Old Kenyon Lounge parties at 10 o’clock – Granted someone needs to be the first one to show up, but it is typical First-Year to show up to a party as it begins.
  7. Taking Instagram pictures everywhere on campus – Not surprising, since we are ranked in this category.
  8. Acting overly stressed about class registration – To all the First-Years that think it is too stressful, just wait until the Housing lottery.

First-Years, don’t take this as a post of things you shouldn’t do. In fact keep doing them. Yes, it makes it easy to identify you as a new student, but most of campus is excited that you all are here. You’ll get the hang of things in no time. Enjoy your time here and welcome to Kenyon!

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