More Very Important Kenyon Definitions

Okay, so we posted a definitions list yesterday but now we have even more Kenyon definitions for you. These definitions are definitions that not everyone knows about, definitions that are so secret they are almost illicit, definitions that are vital to your existence as a successful student at Kenyon College. Also, some of these are definitions that we posted last year but we think are still relevant.

Bam Bam – (proper noun, cat) The adorable grey striped fluffy cat that lives under the Crozier porch. Currently  AWOL.
the Bexleys – (noun, place) Upper-class housing where there are lots of parties. Ask for directions!
Brozier – (noun, place) The Crozier Center for Women. Also, a party thrown by the Queer Women’s Collective.

the Bullseye – (noun, place) A name for the room characterized by the big round windows on the top floor of both the East and West sides of Old Kenyon. One Bullseye belongs to the Alpha Delta Phis and the other sometimes belongs to the Delta Kappa Epsilons.

The Cove  – (noun, place) The Gambier Grill; the bar.

Cove o’Clock – (noun) When it’s time to go the the Cove. Also used when it’s time to order Cove food.

DFMO – (noun, pronounced: diff-moe) Dance floor makeout.
the Dixie Lot – (noun, place)  The South 2 lot, a.k.a. the Deep South parking lot.
the Duplex – (noun, place) An off campus house associated with the Di Phis.
the Ganter –  (noun, place) The Alpha Delta Phi off-campus lodge.
Goodwill, big vs small  – (noun, place) One is close to Kroger and the other is close to the South Side Diner.
the Gunderworld –  (noun, place) Either Gund the residence hall or Gund Commons.
Hercampus Kenyon – (noun) A favorite website for all lithe lovely Kenyon ladies. Also, a website the Thrill loves to hate (but also loves to love) See: Campus QTs 
Kappa Kappa Gamma – (noun) Everyone’s favorite sorority.
Kenyon Married – (adjective) What you call a couple who eats, sleeps and showers together.
Lounge Party – (noun) A party in the basement of Old Kenyon.
Milks – Apartments that look like milk cartons. Also known as the Morgan Apartments.   
Market Run – (noun) When “21+s” buy their beer.
Market Dog – (noun) The finest hotdog in Gambier.
the New-New(s) –  (noun, place) Used to refer to a single house in the ‘Burbs.
New Apts – (noun, place) Apartments that are very far away and never, ever host fun parties. A bad place to look for fun your first weekend at Kenyon.
OBS – (noun) Orientalist Bullshit. A term influenced by Edward Said and used to call out objects or ideas rooted in a false or Western sense of non-“Western” or specifically “Eastern” cultures.
the Perch – (noun, place) An off campus house sometimes affiliated with lacrosse players.
Pink House –  (noun, place) An off campus house affiliated with the Phi Kaps.
Port – (noun, place) An off campus house affiliated with the Peeps.
Rite Aid Trip – (noun) When “21+s” buy their liquor.
Super Bed – (noun) The phenomenon created by the unification of two extra long twin sized dorm beds. Extremely desirable for Kenyon Marrieds.
Trizza – (noun, pronounced: treat-sah) Dessert pizza at Peirce.

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