Beating Lines: First-Year Sing Edition

Philander Chase appreciates a swift egress

We all get it, the First-Year Sing is an important tradition that we hold dear at Kenyon. There is clearly something more important and pressing here though that we can’t forget: the two-mile long line to eat immediately after the sing is one of the most soul-crushing endeavors you will face as a part of your Kenyon experience. There are a couple of helpful hints though for getting food in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Toss on a pair of running shoes (couldn’t hurt)
  • Stand near the back (it even encourages you to yell just a little bit louder so that timid first-year in the back can really hear you)
  • The Chat and Cut,” if you are on the slower side, this may be your only option
  • Don’t go to First-Year Sing (just kidding you will regret that deeply)
  • Go to the Deli/WiggleGround/VI/KI, sometimes you just have to admit you got beat

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