10 o’clock list: Moldiest Places to Live on Campus

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Oh Kenyon, you are like Kokosing: very damp and surrounded by the woods. This causes most residence halls to fall somewhere on the spectrum of a little moldy to very moldy, with the most extreme specimens located deep in the forested crevices of campus. Below is a ranking of the moldiest of the moldy Kenyon residence halls.

4. Caples — Caples might be the tallest building in Knox County, but the hallways are still carpeted. For some reason, towels never dry in Los Caples and its residents must suffer the moldy consequences.

3. Tafts — Parents love the cottage-like Taft Apartments. Tour guides often field compliments and questions about their metal roofs and attractive dark wood detailing–it’s hard to resist homes that are nestled so cutely into a hill. But as residents of Tafts know, mold, like parents, are eager for their offspring to move in.  I also hear that there’s a poison ivy problem.
2. Aclands — While Aclands have their own basement laundry facilities, they also have basement rooms adjacent to those laundry facilities. Basements are low to the ground and poorly ventilated. Aclands’ proximity to Peirce must be weighed against their proximity to the dark, wet earth.
1. New Apts — Who decided it was a good idea to build Olympic Village-style temporary housing in the most woodsy ravine in Gambier? As we have previously noted,  New Apts are rife with “dark mildew” and other types of creeping, reaching bathroom mold. Though I only lived in a New Apt for one semester, my favorite vintage silk stocking poster still got ringed with rust colored spores. Oh the sacrifices we must make.

(Ed.: Becca must not spend enough time in the Morgans. My kitchen floor was so damp today a visitor asked if we had just mopped.)

5 responses

  1. Olympic Village-style temporary housing

    That’s a perfect description, thank you. And it works on so many levels. BackInMyDay™, when they first went up, everyone was insanely excited about them, and competed ferociously to get in them. They hosted bacchanalian orgies the likes of which most people will never experience. Then the excitement died down and people started noticing that they’d been put together with string and sealing wax. Twenty years later, they’re half-destroyed from artillery shells and are home to exotic mosses and raccoons.

  2. was there actual statistical research done on this? I’m pretty sure that new apps is literally the most moldy place on campus.

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