Overheard at Kenyon: I Like Baguette

via blogs.villagevoice.com

via blogs.villagevoice.com

Junior to himself on third floor Olin: “Sometimes my brain is just so rude.”

Girl waiting for an omelet: “Would you be uncomfortable if I jumped into the shower naked with you?”

  • Friend: “Not uncomfortable, but maybe a little shocked.”

Negative Nelson: “I hate humans. I mean I find them fascinating but ultimately a disappointment.”

A Southside Diner Diner: “No, those are photos of James Dean the actor, not the porn star.”

Juniors watching Kim K and Ray J at the Bookstore: “She looks like she’s having a B-minus time.”

Dedicated Friend: “I mean, hos over jobs and commitments and shit.”

Baguette Lover #1: “Slap the baguette. You have to choose between taking a shot and getting hit in the face with a baguette. I chose baguette every time.”

  • Baguette Lover #2: “Where’d you get the baguette?”
  • Baguette Lover #1: “We bought it.”
  • Baguette Lover #2: “I like baguette.”

Resentful/Creative Dude in the chocolate milk line: “I’m gonna pull out all my pubes and sprinkle them all over your bathroom.”

Sophomore Girl at a table of three: “Everyone who’s not us is kind of random.”

Film Major: “Apparently there’s full frontal nudity.”

  • Another Film Major: “I’m all for that.”

Uninterested Friend: “When someone says ‘How’s it going,’ they don’t want the whole thing.”

Sentimental Student: “I’m gonna write a play. It’s like Zero Dark Thirty, but a romantic comedy called Zero Dark Flirty.”

First-year: “Do you know anywhere around here that has a good kale salad with miso tahini dressing?”

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