Kenyon Doppelgängers: Rachel Spraos ’14 and Sydney Fishman ’14

photo (11)

From left to right: Rachel and Sydney

Rachel Spraos and Sydney Fishman, both class of 2014, lived in the same room their first year at Kenyon. They proceeded to live as roommates their sophomore year, housemates their junior year and are currently living their senior year cozied up, once again, in a double.

Hear and see more of this dynamic duo after the jump.

Both curly haired ladies hail from New York City and both enjoy the subtle but consistent pleasure of being told they look identical. When I emailed the pair to ask if they would be willing to pose as Kenyon Doppelgängers, Rachel replied, “Yes. We have been waiting for this moment. Do you want us to wear matching outfits?” Their clear affection for appearing like one another is infectious–I was instantly jealous of their blue jeans and t-shirts!

photo (11)

Indistinguishable from behind.

This past Halloween, the ladies dressed up as the twins from the Shining.

Feel free to suggest other doppelgängers in the comments!

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