Uphill/Downhill: Pesto Chicken and Syllabi

Uphill: Peirce — I’m not sure anyone else has noticed (possibly because of how great the weather has been or how awesome their first weekend/classes back were), but Peirce has been on their game. For real. Comfort, Fusion and Vegetarian have been killing it lately. Pesto Chicken Burgers? Stunner. Kung Pao Tofu? Unstoppable. Oh yeah and did I mention we have a functioning Panini Press? To borrow a phrase, “it’s that good-good.”

Downhill: Syllabus Week Is Over — Well, it had to end sometime. Those honeymoon days of new classes, new people and absolutely no obligation to do any work is over (sans a few professors, not naming names, who assigned work before the first class). Kamp Kenyon has officially shuttered its screen-doors for the summer. I guess we can look forward to Reading Days.

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