Be Prepared: The Krud is Here

The Kenyon Krud can be as cunning as Scar. So you, know be prepared or whatever.

During syllabus week it became apparent that the infamous Kenyon Krud has hit our campus early this year. Sore throat, running nose, aches and pains and maybe even a slight fever are sure signs that you have been infected and what you are experiencing is not just allergies. I’m not sure how this all got started, but whoever was patient zero, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Not to make this a blatantly narcissistic post about my own battle with the Krud this past week, but the illness seems to have effected seniors more than any other group. Perhaps those of us who were off-campus last spring or for the entire year have lost our once strong defenses against the germs of Kenyon. (It’s basically first year all over again, only minus the bronchitis, mono and trips to Old Kenyon.) Or perhaps it’s because many seniors live in a retirement community, spawning with bacteria, and only venture out for 5 o’clock dinner.

Whatever the source of the Krud’s early onset, one must take precautions to void falling ill before Reading Days:

  • Try to Sleep More.  Not to be a mom, but staying up until four in the morning on Friday and Saturday and then getting less than 5 hours of sleep during the week is just dumb. Without enough sleep you will be much more prone to sickness and start to look pretty ugly.
  • Vitamin C. It’s not that important how you get your daily 90 mg of Vitamin C, just try to do it. I highly recommend Emergen-C. One may mix with water or simply shot-gun it.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when necessary. This one is obvious. If you don’t understand the importance of basic hygiene for your health, you should probably sign up for one Professor Bowman’s Middle Ages history courses and find out what life was like when cities didn’t think proper sanitation was vital.

For your health and those around you, think a little bit more about covering your mouth when you cough.

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