D-Cat’s Adventures on Wikipedia

Should be listed on Wikipedia page: Most photogenic President of Kenyon College (via oberlin.edu).

March 18, 2013: Sean Decatur was announced as Georgia Nugent’s replacement as President of Kenyon College. And though I’m sure that you were riveted by the Thrill’s breaking news coverage, I’m also pretty sure that your first action was to check Wikipedia to see the accomplishments of our newest President.

Yet, no Wikipedia article existed. In a long line of esteemed Kenyon Presidents, it seemed as if Decatur was the only one without a page on the Internet’s most abused resource. But that was then—this is now.

Over the summer Josh Fitzwater, Kenyon’s Director of Social Media, created a Wikipedia page for President Decatur, listing a heavy selection of his public works, but not stating what name the ‘M’ stands for in Sean M. Decatur.

Fitzwater said, “We want President Decatur’s achievements as a leader and academic to be searchable to any and all who are interested,” when asked as to what the College was trying to convey by creating a Wikipedia page for its President.

When asked to comment about Decatur’s birth year being wrong on the Wikipedia page—pointed out by Decatur himself—Fitzwater noted that, “President Decatur’s birth date has since been corrected.” We’re all capable of human error—and at least D-Cat seems to have a sense of humor about it!

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  1. “We’re all capable of human error.” Yes, even The Thrill apparently. “Fitzsimmons” should be Fitzwater in the final paragraph.

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