The Monday Catchup

The NSA is all up in your data, again.

The NSA is all up in your data, again.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were out partying at the Delt Lodge.

The Lead Story: The NSA, in its wanton desire to know all, has devised methods of foiling most internet encryption, the Times reports. The story emanates from classified documents leaked to the press by Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor and Russia’s least favorite US expat. The NSA has partnered with major American companies to accomplish its goals, though some of those companies remain anonymous.

Don’t know much about data encryption? Click here.

Everything Else:

The power went out on Sunday for about two hours. Students turned to Twitter to complain.

The president of the NAACP, Benjamin Jealous, announced that he would resign in December. Jealous said he wanted to spend “a lot more time with my young family.”

Washington D.C. wants you to wait 24 hours before getting that tattoo. Here’s a blog of ugly tattoos.

Jon Stewart is back on The Daily Show after filming Rosewater over the summer, his first feature film. Every day Stewart was gone (and The Daily Show aired), his fill in John Oliver would give an excuse for his absence.

61,000 Americans descended on the Nevada desert for Burning Man, a festival of epic proportions. Check out these amazing photos.

The Long Read: You probably have a LinkedIn account, but have you ever used it? Has it ever gotten you a job? The Baffler reports on the all-but-obligatory networking site.

The Weather: Ohio can’t decide whether or not it’s fall yet, so expect this week to be warmer than usual. It’ll  be 90 on Tuesday, but highs will cool down to 65 by Friday. Thunderstorms possible on Wednesday.

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