10 o’clock list: Porches on Campus

Ryan Gosling can really appreciate a good porch. (image via 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Whether you’re on a stoop, a patio or a porch, this is the perfect time of year to sit and whittle and watch the world go by. BuzzFeed and Forbes List have ranked us as “beautiful” and “Harry Potter-y,” but both of these sources have failed to mention that Kenyon is the best because of its porches. All of the porches listed below are open communal spaces where you can hang out outside with the benefit of still being under a roof. So pull up a rocking chair next to a friend named Clem and be prepared to shake your fist to tell those damn kids to get off your lawn, because it’s time that the porches on campus got some recognition.

  1. Snowden Multi-Cultural CenterSnowden Multicultural Center- Snowden gets ranked on the Porch List both because of its remoteness and because of the customized Adirondack chairs. Just look at those beautifully painted chairs.
  2. CrozierCrozier Center for Women- Fun fact: Crozier is new and improved this year because its porch was re-built over the summer. The plus side is that your porch-sitting experience involves much less “wondering if you will fall through the floor.” The downside is that the feral cats don’t come around anymore because the porch is no longer covered in their scent.
  3. palme housePalme House-  Perched on top of its own hill, the anthropology house gets the award for the best (but maybe only) wrap-around porch on campus.
  4. Cromwell CottageCromwell Cottage-  I’m not sure how allowed it is to actually hang out on President Decatur’s porch, but the scattered circles of Adirondack chairs really promote a sense of community around the porch.
  5. O connor houseO’Connor House- O’Connor House features an iconic wide veranda and a single rocking chair perfect for husking corn while telling a story about walking fifteen miles in the snow just to get to school. It’s also perfect for studying (I guess), but that’s up to you.

To conclude, I want to be clear on one thing: there are a bajillion quite a few porches on this campus. If your porch was left out, please give it a shout out in the comments.

3 responses

  1. Bam Bam is back and if fully recovered. He has grown quite accustomed to the new furniture and tends to encapsulate the porch chairs.

    Thanks for the Crozier shout out!

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