Party Etiquette 101: The Perfect Guest

Kamp Kenyon is not an Open Bar, contrary to popular belief…

As a former resident of the Craclands, I can attest to my fair share of individuals arriving at the front door, eager for an alcoholic refreshment of some sort, and shortly there after, beeline-ing it towards both refrigerators (Beer Fridge and Big Fridge) in the kitchen. Umm … okay … first off, do I know you? Have we interacted with one another at some point on this close-knit campus? If not, your face should be eager to meet my face and not the opening of a cold Keystone (at least, not yet). The Keystone so kindly provided by my housemates and me. Free of charge.

Whether you’re a first year or a senior, manners matter. Fortunately for all y’all, The Thrill is here to help with a GIF-filled refresher on party etiquette. More after the Jump!

Here’s an idea, Kamp Kenyon … or three.

1. Do Not Make Unreasonable Demands.

BUT Actually…

An NCA is not a fully-stocked bar — be thankful there is even hard alcohol. Please ask your hosts if the hard alcohol is for your consumption, because often times it is not. It is expensive. If you are allowed to partake in the liqoured fun, go easy when you pour yourself one. And as for mixers, I would roll with one (or two) to your party destination of choice. Remember: the Market closes at midnight, which should provide you with plenty of time to grab a soda or juice! [Editor’s Note: Snacks make great hostess gifts and everyone will love you for it!]

2. If a Hit and Run Beer Grab is your go–to move, You ARE NOT Welcome. EVER.

Oh, but I did!

Everyone does it. ONCE. It’s always fun to walk into a New Apt, stuff a few Keystones into your shirt, pockets, etc…and make a run for it (Be stealthy, my friends if you choose to do so). However, if you do this on the regular, you will not be welcomed with open arms. Ask any Fraternity: the Bullseye is not your personal fridge.

3. Don’t be That Girl. Or Boy.

You Know Who You Are.

I see you. You showed up and starting making a mess before you even walked through the door. I cringe for my bathroom and the undesirable state it will no doubt be in after your Alcoholic Hurricane rolls through it. Whether it’s a NCA, New Apt, Acland, or one of the many dorms, quite a few people call these spaces home. Also, the Kenyon custodial staff is not here to clean up your morning-after mess. While we have all been there, please be kind and clean up. To those who do, we salute you.

Alright, alright, enough with the lecture. Carry on and be sure to introduce yourself!

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