Who Is Responsible for This?


Who is this “Scrocial Board” and why have they been distributing these helpful fun facts about Kenyon throughout Peirce? While we applaud helping first years get acquainted to Kenyon, we have a suspicion that a few of these “facts” may not be true. Is the Henry Moore sculpture in the Science Quad actually the seal to S. Georgia Nugent’s crypt? Was P.F. Kluge once a Filipino pirate? Should I really be collecting MIddle Path pebbles to win a free T-shirt?

But actually, the last fact hits kind of close to home. Too real, guys.

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    • While I understand the connection you’re trying to draw, the fact clearly has nothing to do with Pochter or the circumstances of his death. I believe this is a reference to an actual event that took place here in Gambier.

  1. Ah, this takes me back. BackInMyDay™, I too was a funny asshole who tried to milk the joke too long, and when I felt it wearing thin, would double down by saying something so nasty that, years later, when I had the faintest fucking clue, I’d randomly think of it and cringe so hard I’d literally fall over from a standing position.

    But at the time, I felt edgy!

  2. It feels wildly inappropriate that Social Board is making jokes about a Kenyon student being stabbed to death given that one of our most beloved community members was actually stabbed to death fewer than three months ago…

  3. TOTALLY inappropriate statement regarding the Pirates’ Cove, considering Emily Murray WAS murdered by a Cove employee in 2000. Poor taste, Social Board. Know your Kenyon history and have respect for Murray, her family and Kenyon friends.

  4. I know some first years who took these to heart, and one of them even collected a bunch of pebbles in hope of a free shirt. I’m sure you think it’s funny, and it would be if people knew it was fake (i.e. upperclassmen), but I think you’re walking too thin of a line by sending these to naive first years

  5. Scrocial Board owes the community an apology on the last one. The murder of Emily Murray was possibly the most tragic thing in recent Kenyon history. She was a sweet, kind person. I still miss her. Go the Kenyon Review site and read the essay about her death. It’s heartbreaking.

  6. Such a tiffy over such an innocent pamphlet. The whole thing actually harms nobody and while the last comment might be crass, it is nonetheless true and paints a more accurate picture of Kenyon; that terrible, ugly things happen do indeed happen in such a beautiful place, and sometimes it’s appropriate to communicate hard truths with some levity

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