Weekend Drink: Second Week Stimulation

Alright kiddies, play time is over. Syllabus week is nothing but a memory of a time you didn’t have 150 some odd pages of reading hovering over your head. All the clubs have started up, and everyone’s got assignments to work on, not to mention those seniors slaving over comps. Between work, parties, and trying to power-watch Breaking Bad on Netflix, it can get exhausting. Here’s a drink that’ll get you moving and motivated to get your ass out of your room and down to the dance floor:

1/2 cup of coffee (preferably from Peirce so you can get that distinctive bitter kick from the mulch they mix in it)
1 shot of 5 hour energy
1 can of red bull
1 shot of vodka

Mix it all in an old Four Loco can and chug it down. For added effect, immediately headbutt the nearest piece of furniture. If you do it properly, the walls should be bouncing by the time you finish it. Drink five before you work on your next paper and watch the creativity flow!

(Note: If you actually try that you, will probably die. Your paper will get done in 7 minutes flat, but you will probably die. Fair warning.)

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