Overheard at Kenyon: Do we have any friends here?

The Thrill is always listening (via tvfoodanddrink.com)

Junior Guy: “Is blessed an emotion?”

  • Senior Guy: “I don’t know, I just like it when people say blessed”

Chatty Senior: “I hate twitter. I can’t be relegated to express myself in 140 characters or less. I need to write a fucking a novel.”

Kokosinger: “She’s gonna get some aca-ASS to-night” [Ed. as in, a cappella action, re: the a cappella party].

Humble First-Year: “Sorry, I’m really good at reading people. It’s one of my skills.”

Aggressive Runner: “My face was completely black from the amount of bugs that died on it while I was running.”

Muffin-Lover #1: “When I wake up all I want is coffee.”

  • Muffin-Lover #2: “I want muffins.”
  • Muffin Lover #1: “A tray of muffins shoved in my face.”

Happy Hunter: “I’m so happy I could go out and hunt a stag right now.”

Girl-After-My-Own-Heart: “It’s just satisfying to be in charge of people.”

Loud Senior: “I’m not Jewish dammit!”

  • Wise Friend: “Things you hope people won’t shout in Peirce.”

Cream Addict: “Can you get high off of creamy?”

Will and Kate Fan #1: “What about William and Catherine a royal love story?”

  • Will and Kate Fan #2: “Have you seen the lifetime movie about them?”
  • Will and Kate Fan #1: “No.”
  • Will and Kate Fan #2: “Guess how many times I’ve seen it. Four. I would watch it again with you right now.”

Tasteful Relationship Advisor: “When you’re crying in the Macy’s parking lot because the only place you’ll be able to go from now on is Barney’s and Bloomingdales. That’s sad.”

Sophomore Girl: “Let’s have a cotton candy party where we get people wet and stick cotton candy on them!”

Junior Guy: “What’s the date?”

  • Jewish Guy: “It’s the tenth anniversary of my Bar mitzvah.”

First-year on New Side: “Do we have any friends here?”

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