Made in Peirce: Froyo and Salted Caramel Iced Cream

Image via Wikimedia Commons

First years may still be enthralled with the novelty of a home-access soft serve machine, but the rest of us have grown up and out of our ice cream obsession. And anyway, where did the Oreo bits go? Recently, I sat down with Ally Schmalling ’14, known Peirce genius, who recommended some soft serve updates to keep all our palates on edge.

1. “Frozen Yogurt” 

Okay, okay, Peirce does not have actual frozen yogurt available for you to eat. But now I know a special way to make ice cream taste like froyo.

photo (16)

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, lemon juice, honey.

First, put some vanilla ice cream in a bowl. (As an ex-Carvel ice cream store employee, I have some unsolicited serving size advice for you: a circle of ice cream as big as the outer rim of an cake cone is roughly one ounce of ice cream. A typical small ice cream cone has 3-5 ounces of ice cream on it). Then, take a look at the iced tea station. Are there lemon slices there? If yes, grab two. If no, take a look at the salad bar. Is that bottle of lemon juice there? If yes, drizzle around a tablespoon onto your iced cream. Stop back by the toast station and grab the honey. Drizzle some on top of everything. Stir vigorously. Add sliced fruit and granola as desired.

2. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

photo (14)

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Caramel sauce, table salt

Put some vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Drizzle it with caramel sauce. Walk back to your table and ask the person sitting closest to the salt to pass it to you. If that person is polite, they will pass you both the salt and the pepper. However, for this ice cream dish you need only the salt. Thank you table-mate for their good manners and shake the salt over your bowl around 6 times. Enjoy!

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