The Monday Catchup

Soldiers arrive on the scene.

Soldiers arrive on the scene.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: A luxury mall in Nairobi, Kenya was the target of a terrorist attack on Saturday that has claimed the lives of 62 at last count. The attack appears to be the work of The Shabab, a Somalia based Al-Qaeda affiliate. Some of the attackers remain in the mall and are engaged in a standoff with Kenyan soldiers. Update: CNN is reporting heavy gunfire out of the Westgate mall as the military attempts to draw the three-day conflict to close. Few hostages remain.

Everything Else:

Some rando walked behind Neil Patrick Harris during the Emmys last night.

Speaking of the Emmys, “Breaking Bad” won Best Drama.

NYC’s Brooklyn Brewery is opening an outpost in Stockholm, Sweden.

You know that cool fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone 5S? It’s been hacked already.

Some genius tried to smuggle over a quarter billion dollars of cocaine in suitcases on an Air France flight.

The FAA is (finally) about to loosen restrictions on using electronic devices during commercial flights. You might be able to use your Kindle during taxi and takeoff, or something.

The Long Read: Tylenol, an ostensibly harmless drug, has caused 1500 deaths in the last decade.

The Weather: Little chance of rain this week with highs reaching 77F on Friday and lows in the mid-40s throughout the week.

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