Uphill/Downhill: the Deli and Ladles

Well it’s hump day again, this week kind of feels like it’s flying by.

Uphill: The Deli–the Deli has added a new menu item: the Pepperoni Pretzel. By far the cheapest meal on the menu, and probably pretty tasty if it is what I think it is. At $5.50, it’s not too bad for a place that’s usually a little pricey.

Downhill: Ladles– Peirce has decide to remove the BBQ sauce trough in favor a BBQ sauce pump machine. This I don’t like. Can’t put my finger on why (yet), but it just doesn’t seem as genuine or good as the trough. Until then, consider me to be on a BBQ-boycott.

8 responses

  1. i mean come on what if the ladels get dropped in the trough…. then people’s hand germs get all up in my sweet baby ray’s and the handle is all nasty and sticky… i just think we are better than that. #teambbqpump

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