Made in Peirce: The Cookie Monster

cookie monster gif


Freshly baked cookies in Peirce? That equals a dessert dilemma. You thought you were spiffylicious when you grilled your cookies in the Panini press. Think again biatches. We’ve combined two of Pierce’s tastiest foods to make the ultimate dessert: a cookie-soft-serve sandwich. We call this little slice of brilliance “The Cookie Monster”. Follow these steps to make your own:

1. Select two of your favorite cookies of roughly equal size.

2. Set one aside.

3. Dispense soft-serve on the bottom of one cookie.

4. Add desired toppings (marshmallow fluff, chocolate chips, and don’t forget sprinkles)

5. Use the second cookie as a lid.



cookie monster gif 2

3 responses

  1. okay so yeah this is great in theory but I did it the other day and like boom that soft serve just oozes right out when you take the first bite. i mean being soft and all. It was still delicious but like a little messier than I had bargained for

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