10 o’clock list: 5 Signs That You’ve Aged Since First Year

How I feel 80% of the time during my Senior year

There is no way to sugarcoat this: I feel old. The wistful days of my first year at Kenyon College are far behind me. There are many things that have changed over my past three years at Kenyon: my friends (not really), my place of residence (Norton, Caples, NCA — also not really), my general outlook on life. Not to mention all of the aspects of my appearance (excluding my hair) that have changed. I still stay up until 2:00 in the morning, but I have no tolerance for people being old outside my window.  I guess there is no escaping it and it’s just part of the greater circle of life.

  1. Coats — (i.e. always wearing one). A friend of mine was sporting a longer rain jacket the other day. I noticed it’s length and thought, how functional! My tastes have become very specific: Is it comfortable? and Will I be warm? I’m not saying that fashion is no longer important to me now that I am no longer fresh to the hill. I just no longer follow the “logic” of it’s fine, I’ll just drink myself a coat. No, no you won’t, because that is impossible.
  2. Dry Hands — Dry hands are not just something that happens to old people, everyone is susceptible to dry, cracked skin in the winter time. But I have become way more attentive to moisturizing my hands to prevent them from looking freakishly old. Maybe I’m obsessively washing the dishes too often. No, that can’t be it; I’m just old. (Winkles and gray hairs are also starting to be of concern.)
  3. You know all of the (blank) majors in your year — Some departments are large and some are small. But chances are you know at least 2/3 the seniors in your department. If you’re a Political Science major, you have taken the same class with these people at least seven times. I found it rather comforting when I recognized almost all of the faces on the first day of my Rousseau seminar. But I am also positive that it can be really annoying to have to make the same boring small talk with yourself at your synoptic major ice cream social.
  4. You have no qualms for yelling at people — You know the unspoken rules of Kenyon and you are not afraid to enforce them. Stop taking the Sriracha back to your table. It’s rude. Kenyon is a place of grand tradition and how are the First Years going to learn the rules if you don’t publicly shame them into understanding.
  5. Loss of natural sense of wonder — According to my EdPsych class, students over time lose their intrinsic motivation and curiosity to learn and discover new things. I have seen that so clearly this year not the in the class room but in Kenyon’s night life. Not to make sweeping judgments, but the first years are ballzy. They walk into private parties at NCAs and New Apts. like they own the place. I get it, you’re bored and want to immerse yourself in Kenyon culture. You have a natural curiosity about alcohol sex life that I lost sometime during sophomore year. But please, I’m trying to make as many memories with the friends I have left who will tolerate me/still go here.

Have a great week to the young and young at heart!

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