10 o’clock list: 5 Utterly Unoriginal Halloween Costumes Analyzed

nerd costume

….”A” for originality?

As of today we have 31 days until Halloween. That means you fools have 31 days to find a costume. Or two. So try to scrape up some originality and DON’T wear something from this list. Here’s some analysis of popular costumes from years passed:

1. The “meow factor”. It’s inevitable: approximately ¾ of the female population will incline toward the feline. This costume is a bit of a faux-paw as far as originality is concerned, but you probably won’t have any trouble if you’d like to bat the mouse around—if you know what I mean. 

2. Superheroes & action heroes. Fine—we give you props for being more original than the cat people. However, if your costume involves some sort of legging-diaper combo, you should probably stay in the bat cave. Please.

3. The nerd herd. Ever wonder what a quitter looks like? NOW YOU KNOW.

4. Any costume made with a sheet. If you were going for the Greek/ghost look, I suppose you can call this a success. However, you should know that if and when you return with your bum chum of the week, it might be a hair awkward when they discover that you’re wearing your love nest.

5. Drunk college student. Nice try—but drinking yourself a costume isn’t really a thing.

7 responses

  1. This post is unoriginal, judgmental, and whiny. I do not approve. I expect better Halloween-themed posts from the Thrill.

  2. God forbid you see someone dressed as *gasp* a CAT! How will poor Annaliese cope with all these plebeians not dressed to her exacting standards? Please write a follow-up post detailing the five costumes we ARE allowed to wear. Please, Annaliese, I’m counting on you to give me further instructions on how to please your majesty with my wardrobe selection this Halloween! I’ve burned my meticulously-crafted homemade Batman costume and every sheet in my apartment. I told my roommate to throw away her cat ears lest she offend you. What’s the next step?

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