Happy Birthday to Us

It is once again that time of year. Yesterday was the Thrill’s second birthday, and boy did we live it up! Our family took us out to a super nice restaurant, where they use those crumb sweeper things, and we spent the whole time contemplating our mortality (age will do that to you) and considering if life would have been different if we had just studied for the LSAT or maybe, we don’t know, talked to that woman in that bar that one time we were in San Francisco…

Bygones, though! We’d like to thank all of the people who made this day possible: numerous generations of Thrill writers and editors (we miss you, Mara, Thea and Miles!), the Collegian editors who paid our bills and stayed out of the way, S. Georgia Nugent for being a decently good sport about the time we photoshopped her face onto the Cuban flag during the Sodexo thing, Sean Decatur for accepting D-Cat as his nickname without complaint, Hunan Garden for providing the food for our annual dinners, our parents for trying to understand what a blog is and all of you, our valued readers.

We probably missed some people and are very, very sorry. We would invite you to our party, but that won’t be happening since the Collegian won’t be paying for catering from Buffalo Wild Wings and we have to spend our time getting the Thrill into a decent pre-school. Still, if there were, everyone would have to dress up as their favorite commenter. We call Rustler!

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the start of year three, Thrill gang! I miss you guys too, but it’s wonderful to see how this blog continues to thrive. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Thrill. Among other things, you introduced Kenyon paparazzi into my life (for better or worse). David, I can’t believe you were my student and you’re actually still around–to appreciate “crumb sweeper things”! BTW, the Cuban flag deal was really a cheap shot. Hope to see you at the D-Cat inauguration. The Nuge

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