The Monday Catchup

Congress voted on something!

Congress voted on something!

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: The GOP-led House of Representatives passed a bill on Saturday that would fund the government and delay Obamacare a year. President Obama has said that he would veto such a bill, effectively guaranteeing a temporary federal government shutdown. In case you’re wondering, here’s who gets cut the most.

Everything Else:

The Lords trounced DePauw on Saturday at McBride Field. The winning flavor at the chili cookoff was Rajun Cajun Roadkill.

I’m not going to spoil Breaking Bad for you, but here are the best videos from Aaron Paul’s surprise SNL visit.

Is this The Best Arrest Report Ever? I think it’s definitely up there.

Whatever your living situation after Kenyon may be, you’ll probably live in a place bigger than these tiny apartments.

The Long Read: All is not well for the Clintons these days. The New Republic reports on how one man drove a wedge between Bill and Hillary.

The Weather: Highs in the  70s/low 80s throughout the week with the greatest chance of rain this weekend (30% as of today).

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