Overheard at Kenyon: I’m not on speaking terms with the Cove

via appstate.edu

via appstate.edu

Junior Girl: “I’m too lazy to have someone paint my nails.”

American Studies Major: “Doubling in Physics and Math, that’s like jacking off with sand paper. Just, like, don’t do it.”

PEEP: “It was supposed to be a parade of love, but they made it a parade of destruction.”

Miley Sympathizer: “She’s just going through her 20-year-old whore phase. God bless.”

Junior Guy discussing appropriate reasons to call an ambulance: “I feel like an infants belly button could come untied. I would call an ambulance for that.”

Curious Junior: “Who do you think buys the ingredients for Nite Bites?”

  • All-knowing Friend: “The bakers obviously! Like, the chefs.”

Understanding Roommate: “If you need to snore to breathe, that’s totally OK.”

Intro. Econ. Student: “I would really love to sit down with you and have a candid conversation about supply and demand.”

Perceptive Sophomore: “His name is Jonah! That’s Jonah’s name!”

Daring First-year: “I’m gonna go back into the servery.”

  • Sympathetic Girl: “God be with you.”

Sophomore: “Horses are just the old motorcycles.”

Senior Guy: “It was a really good nap ’cause I woke up, and I wasn’t angry.”

Dude having a casual Middle Path conversation: “Machiavelli’s Prince is basically a glorified job application.”

Honey-lover: “Honey’s good for you.”

  • Bee-lover: “All the bees are dying.”

First-year with excellent taste: “You know who I want to come play at the Horn? Cher.”

Super Slow Senior: “I need to wake up at nine to get to the bank because it closes at noon.”

Junior Gal in Wiggin St.: “Heat regulation problems is my middle name.”

Huffy Junior: “I’m not on speaking terms with the Cove.”

Senior Who Gets It: “It’s always been my dream to be featured on Overheard.”

6 responses

  1. Wait, does the Cove mean the Cove Cove (aka the “Grill,” apparently) or the New Cove? Does anyone go to the New Cove?

    BackInMyDay™, there was just the Cove. It was… pretty mediocre.

    • The Pirates Cove in Mt. Vernon? I don’t know anyone who has been there or has gotten delivery from them. They mean the “Grill” Cove next to the Village Market.

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