The Shutdown: What Does It Mean To You?

Those of you not living in a hole have probably heard that the Government of the United States has been shut down. Because Congress could not act like mature adults and compromise. Some of you are probably reading this thinking, ‘The Government of the United States has shut down? What the blazes does this have to do with me?’ The answer is, a lot. And in ways you never expected it to.

The Giant Panda Cam is down. I repeat, the Panda Cam is down. This is not a drill. Freak out. You cannot waste your night watching adorable baby panda antics. You will actually have to get work done and possibly do something responsible, for a change. Same with the Octopus Cam, though I feel like the lack of cephalopods doesn’t have quite the same cultural impact as the Panda Cam.

(No but in all serious guys the Government decided to shut down. Our grants are gone and Dr. Slonczewski’s E.coli lab will probably explode and kill us all. Happy October!)

(via The New York Times.)

Because this is our national priority right now. (via The New York Times.)

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  1. The Revolution is here! Quit your petty bourgeoisie learning and join your brothers and sisters in the fight against tyranny! You’ve chained yourself! You’ve chained yourself! Throw them off and begin the hunt!

    Central Command will be based out of first floor Chalmers. Stop by for Vending Machine Coffee and some informative pamphlets.

    The Politburo will be meeting on Thursday at 1pm in the Pine Forest to celebrate it’s formation with a drum circle and The Ritual Passing of The Plant That Cleanses Souls in The Memory of Our Fallen Comrades.

    Throw of your chains and rejoice in freedom! The Revolution has come!

    (The Committee of Public Safety will also be meeting – you know who you are.)

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