Where Was It Said: Crozier or in Bed?

(via thecargoculte.com/)

(via thecargoculte.com/)

Good afternoon, Kenyon and welcome to another (a)rousing rendition of “Where Was it Said?” This time our location is our beloved Crozier Center for Women.

  • Time to familiarize myself with The Feminine Mystique.
  • We’re setting up a performance of the Vagina Monologues.
  • Downstairs is open 24 hours a day.
  • Just let me put away my diva cup.
  • I want men to feel welcome here.
  • Dessert provided by the Pink Cupcake.
  • We’re going to paint each other.
  • The whole experience was a bit gendered.
  • We should try and get more people involved. Let’s invite more people next time.
  • Is all of this in your comfort zone?
  • Reach in the bowl and grab some lube.
  • What we really need is some more outreach.

13 responses

  1. 1. Men don’t feel welcomed. Some of the people who frequent Crozier attack men (for no reason) on a regular basis.
    2. If you want more people to join/visit, don’t make it awkward. Welcome anybody even if you have clashing view points.
    3. The condoms and lube are GREAT!

    btw… is your “downstairs” really open 24/7?

    • I’m sorry if you feel this way. I’m sorry if you feel that the people who frequent Crozier baselessly attack men, but in my time here I have never heard anything of that sort. And we do our best to make people feel welcome. What could we do to make you feel more welcome? How do we make it awkward? We welcome everyone and would be happy to discuss your “clashing view points” at a meeting sometime. It should be said that the managers and residents are not on the job all the time, there will not always be people to welcome you in, but everyone is welcome to come in any time (as long as the room is not reserved!) and hang out. And yes, the first floor of Crozier is open 24/7. It is a safe space for people who need it, we want everyone to feel welcome.

      • Hey, just so you know, he’s a troll. His name is “rustler” — he’s trying to piss people off. If you see him again, ignore him — don’t feed him =)

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