Kenyon Sartorialist: September Looks

Kenyon Sartorialist Charlotte Greene ’14 is back behind the camera and here to share a glimpse of Kenyon students’ Fall sartorial choices.  

Ally Young ('14)

Ally Young (’14)

Jean on jean! The washes complement each other excellently, as well as the suede. I love especially the loose, straight cut and uneven cuffs of her pants. Boyfriend-style jeans are sometimes tricky to wear — I find that mens jeans often look more natural than women’s boyfriend cut because they’re totally straight — and Ally nails the tomboy look.

allyjeans detail600



Paul Hoehn ’14

Within this same day I noticed Paul also wearing denim head to toe, but just the opposite to Ally: he’s boxier and bunched on the top, slimmer on the bottom. The half-bleached jean jacket is next level, too.

pauljacket detaildouble800


Charlotte Benz '17

Charlotte Benz ’17

Sometimes it’s hard to express in words exactly what I’m trying to communicate when I photograph someone. This is one of those moments. Most of my motivation in taking this shot was for color/pattern/material inspiration, but also shape (Art History major, all about that drapery). What a beautiful blanket. She made it herself!


Sam Ross '14

Sam Ross ’14

I’m kicking myself for not getting a detail shot of Sam’s shoes. According to the man himself they are an old pair recently resoled and resurrected. Thus, they have this incredible patina that can only come from heavy wear, but at the same time look brand new. Sam stays consistent to that notion with the rest of his outfit — tailored but casual, fresh but retro, and above all unpretentious.

Anna '17

Anna ’17

I couldn’t help taking this while in class with Anna. A great example of how texture and shape can work together and emphasize each other. The soft, billowy top and the thick woolen skirt. Loose sleeves and angular pleats/pattern. The short A-line cut, typically predictable, is here rebellious. My favorite look from this week.

anna detail800

5 responses

  1. I love these looks. I would also love to see some less “hipster-ish” fashion in the future! Nothing against hipsters OR their fashion choices, but what about some athletes headed to class on game day looking dapper? It would be cool to see more of a diverse mix of looks from our very stylistically diverse student body!

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