Why is it Still So Hot?

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.27.51 AM

Am I missing something? The leaves are changing color and falling elegantly to the ground. That is usually a sign that summer has left and fall has officially begun. Songs have been written. Instagrams of the fall leaves are a Kenyon staple. So then why did I wake up this morning and every other morning this week only to be greeted by heat and humidity? Summer is supposed to be over guys! I shoved my shorts to the back of my drawer to make more room for long sleeves and light layers. The juice is simply too hot for fall. Wake me up when it’s actually time for crisp fall jackets and the comforting rhythm of ankle boots on middle path.

5 responses

  1. SHUT UP. JUST SHUT THE HELL UP. — Someone in Russia Wearing a Base-Layer Hoodie With a Hoodie on Top of That and then Another Hoodie on her Legs, Over Sweatpants.


  2. this is clearly a morning weather check in disguise and i am so happy r.i.p. my favorite thrill feature of yesteryear

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