Kenyon Kreeping: Pros and Cons of Staring at People

colin staring 2

We caught you Kenyon.

Let’s face it. Kenyon students are a curious and occasionally awkward bunch. The combination of these endearing features is not without social side effects. That means staring. Lots and lots of staring. Sometimes creepy, often confused, and almost always harmless–Kenyon students just can’t keep their eyes off each other. Since you and everybody else on this campus has most definitely done it,we’ve laid out some of the pros and cons of creeping on your classmates:

Pro: The Come-hither Eyes. AKA the “come to bed eyes”. Proven most effective in the basement of Old Kenyon, if you happen to be on the same page as your weekend goal, these usually have a positive correlation with dance-floor make outs.

staring colin

Con: The Come-hither Eyes. However, if you’re NOT on the same page…..


 staring target lady

could turn into this…

staring kristin wiig

very quickly.

Pro: Check it before you wreck it. Parties are dark. Doppelgangers are real. In other words, if you’re staring at somebody post 11PM on Friday or Saturday–girlfrand, you sneak that peak.

stare hookup

Con: Looking creepy on Middle Path. Yeah, I see you with that book. Mmmmhmmm. I also see you checkin’ out dat ass.

stare awkward

Pro: Show your disdain. When the pizza’s gone, when beer gets spilled on you, when you almost get picked off by a bike on Middle Path–you stare hard sass-bucket. You stare HARD.

stare when you hear about something

Con: Feeling awkward about staring. Like that time when you opened up your neighbor’s door and they were a little busy. Or naked. Or both.

stare bad outfit

4 responses

  1. Kenyon is a campus of gazing, looking and maybe, objectifying.

    NCAs seem to be made to present the inhabitants as living mannequins.

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