How to Prepare for an Ohio Winter

Middle Path does not get plowed. Plan accordingly. (via

This post is for the dear First Years who have yet to experience winter here, and for those upperclassmen who willfully block the memories of the dreariness of an Ohio Winter. We (with the help of some Ohio experts) present a guide for getting you through the next few months: 

  • Buy a coat. Not to call any group in particular (people from California…), but some students come to Kenyon without a coat. Don’t be that person. It will be cold. You will be uncomfortable. Get a coat. (Note: Beer coat not a suitable substitute.)
  • Load up on socks. I’m told SmartWool socks are a great option, but whatever you choose, stock up.
  • Don’t forget boots. I made this mistake last winter, and now my shoes have holes in them. In case you didn’t think this one through, Middle Path is not paved. That means any snow, ice, and rain that we get stays there.
  • Take a knitting class so you can make your own mittens.
  • Wear flannel. Sometimes, wear double flannel. (And on the darkest and coldest of days, triple flannel).

We know it’s been 80 degrees this week, but like Boy Scouts, we like to be prepared.

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  1. Double flannel in Ohio? Where’s your Chicagoan spirit, Jack? Ohio isn’t nearly as cold as Chicago in the winter. Pishhhh.

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