10 o’clock list: 5 Theme Parties Kenyon Should Have

cat in banana costume eating banana

Cats like theme parties too. (via repocomedy)

Now that it’s October and we’ve sampled what Kenyon has to offer in the way of theme parties… we thought we’d make a few suggestions. Here’s a few ideas for keeping the Hill at its spiciest:

 1. Middle School Dance Party. Locate your awkwardness because Middle School is back!! Show us how to put the pop back in pop music with your booty–bumpin’ grooves or just hide in the bathroom! Either way, at this party, a slow dance is required every hour, on the hour…just make sure you lovebirds keep it neat from 3 feet.

 2. Cat Ladiez and Slim Shadyz. I mean… it’s pretty much self-explanatory, right?

 3. The Theme Party Theme Party. Amateur hour is over bitchez. This is like party inception. It’s like a theme party on top of a theme party. That means togas, Santas, cats, mullet people, and America. Whoa.

 4. 90s Kid Party. We’re not trying to “ice your grill” or anything, but you won’t be admitted unless you can use “dank” and “damn skippy” in the same sentence. Then you can get jiggy with your home skillets.

 5. The Kenyon Konga. That’s right. The world’s longest and shwastiest conga line will ascend from the depths of Old Kenyon and will congo all night long-o.

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