First-Year Expectations: Reading Days

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

Reading Days start tomorrow, and first-years are getting excited. We’ve been here at Kenyon for seven weeks now, and while the experience is going great so far, we need sleep. And haircuts. And civilization. A lucky few will go home for the first time to see high school friends and family. Others will lie in their dorm bed and twitch in hopes that someone will bring them ramen or beer. Either way, we all have finished that last English paper, “aced” that last lab, and scored that last goal. We deserve this break.

But at the same time, “Reading Days” is a confusing term. Should we call it “Reading Days”? Do you just study? Or is it “Fall Break,” meaning a fun-filled break from classes? Upperclassmen tell us mythical stories about not remembering Reading Days due to mysterious “daytime drinking” or about friend circles changing dramatically. I have heard it described as everything from the “Spring Breakers” trailer to a four day date with Olin. I would accept either of these options, but it would be nice to know what we are facing.

After asking around, first years say that they are expecting a return to the “simple” things:

Sarah Grace Spurgin ’17 expects “not talk to anyone except my dog.”

Anya Shulman ’17 hopes “to jump in a giant pile of leaves, obviously. No, that isn’t a metaphor.”

 Cassidy Jones ’17 wishes to “BE IN A CITY!”

Sam Larson ’17 simply says he expects “food.”

For me, I expect I somehow can become Wonder-Woman and finish my English reading for the next week, memorize lines, catch up on Downton Abbey, watch the Miley SNL episode, do some crazy shenanigans with friends, and finally figure out how to work the Napresso espresso machine my aunt gave me six weeks ago. Although leaving rural Ohio for my home city, Washington D.C. seems appealing, I am excited to stay here with the Amish and the unpredictable weather, and try to accomplish everything I can’t finish in the normal school week.

But four days isn’t that long. In all honesty, with all my meetings and rehearsals, Sunday will leave me just as busy as I am now, if not worse. Procrastination and social lives are tricky things, first-years. Whether you are flying across the country so you can finally get “real” sushi, going on a trip with your team (because that’s totally what athletes do, right?), or just simply staying in your dorm with Netflix and some friends, enjoy the break. Luckily for most of us first-years, an even stranger mysterious beast looms in the distance: midterms. As Britney says, we all have to:

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  1. i hate so much when people tlk about the amish like they comin here to live with amish people liek BITCH IS U BLIND i see the amish gang around like 2 dayz a month takin da streets so plx no more

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