10 o’clock list: Five Things to Eat Over Reading Days

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For most of us, Reading Days have begun. For those of you with Wednesday night seminars, sorry. Most of us: let’s try to feel sympathy for those not touched by the Reading Days sparkle until after 10 p.m.  As some of you know, part of the glittery-magic of Reading Days is the relaxation of meal schedules. Just think, no other students with 11:10’s to contend with in the servery this Friday! But looser meal schedules means more food options. I encourage you to soak up the Autumnal luminance by sampling the best of what Gambier has to offer.

  1. Buckeyes- A fall candy standby usually available and both the Bookstore and Market.
  2. Market Chili- The early days of fall are the perfect time for Market chili. The air is cold enough to instill a craving a soup but warm enough to allow you to eat the soup outside. Unlike our beloved tomato tort, Market chili is available everyday! Remember to say whether or not you want cheese, otherwise the Market ladies will think you are a dumb first year.  
  3. A Flight of Beer from the VI– I suppose that one technically does not eat a beer, but it’s made out of wheat and is very filling, so. Anyway, did you know the VI offers beer flights? Go get one!
  4. Friday Cafe- You have no class and therefore no excuse. Spend your Friday lunch at the Parish House enjoying a vegetarian-but-still-extremely-rich-and-filling meal.  
  5. Harvest Pizzeria- I tricked you! This pizza place is in Columbus but you should still go. Pizzas are made with local ingredients and fired in a brick oven. There’s a Jeni’s in the same neighborhood. Beers are bizarrely served in mason jars. There (thankfully) is no garlic butter. Also, the prices are extremely reasonable.

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  1. only certain beers are made out of wheat. the word you’re looking for is grain. no worries, becca, you’re still my girl.

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