Do it Tonight: DJ Jonathan Toubin and Dance Off At the Horn

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Let’s level here: We here at The Thrill don’t always attend the events we feature on “Do it Tonight.” Shocking, I know. That doesn’t mean we don’t find them interesting, it’s just that it would be exhausting for us to attend every single one of them and there are not enough hours in the day. With that being said, I would be more than disappointed if I didn’t find the time to attend DJ Jonathan Toubin’s show at The Horn Gallery this evening.

More about the event after the jump!

Since the beginning of the semester, I have heard whispers of Toubin’s legendary performance during last year’s Spring semester. Sadly, I was off campus, studying in El Districo de Columbia, and thus unable to partake in the the magic. My sources tell me, that during Toubin’s soulful jams a dance contest was held, in which the dark-horse contestant, Rebecca Saltzman ’15 came out victorious.

Recently, one of our editors spoke with Saltzman on her previous triumph:

I just rocked my body in ways I didn’t know I could move. I prayed to the gods of dance. I trusted in the judges on the stage before me. I bestow upon all future winners this great token of achievement that is a DJ Toubin Dance-off Win.

A powerful image and inspiring words.

Luckily for any perspective candidates out there, Saltzman is abroad this semester. Clearly, with Saltzman’s absence, there is a void. The greater Kenyon community sits on the edge of its seat waiting for it to be filled.  Who will step up? Will it be a member of the Company?  An incredible gymnast? Or a newcomer to the Hill? I guess we’ll just have to see. Did I mention that the winner receives a $100 cash prize?

So start of Reading Days right and head down to the Horn tonight!

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