10 o’clock list: Best Kenyon Alumni Instructional Videos

The above video, which features John Green sharing his experiences trying to sign up for health insurance via Obamacare and through “traditional” methods, is informative and funny–and you should definitely watch it. It also made me start thinking about how other Kenyon alumni could harness the power of YouTube to impart knowledge equally as vital as knowing how to insure yo’ self.

  1. Allison Janney ’82 teaches you how to do “The Jackal” — Useful both at the White House and on second-rate talk shows.
  2. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme hosts a variety hour, including segments on reforming your Scandinavian constitution, a cooking corner featuring Mama Palme’s meatball recipe, and reviews of the best films of the month (do not follow PM Palme after he is finished reviewing the films).
  3. Josh Radnor ’96 hosts a video advice column. This week’s question: I’m the star of a popular TV show, but recently my more likable costars have upstaged me. How many more seasons can this go on for?
  4. Lincoln administration Secretary of War Edwin Stanton gives tips on how best to neutralize your rebellious South utilizing only matches, gasoline, and a lot of marching towards the sea.
  5. Paul Newman ’49 helps you design a synoptic major in “Acting, Directing, and the Art of Salad Dressing.”

7 responses

  1. Guys, Abraham Lincoln is dead, stop making jokes about “Four Score and Seven Year Ago!” He’s probably offended in his grave.

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