A Guide to Life: Reading Daze

This piece was written by Rocky and Bullwinkle. We want to introduce/welcome you back to a famous holiday hosted here on Kenyon’s very own campus. It began, a long, long time ago as a time to study your little patooties off before midterms. It soon became apparent that this was a chance to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Yet nothing changed. Until last year, when the administration finally re-titled this four-day wonderland Fall Break. We hope that you enjoy your holiday, friends.

  • The key to a magnificent Reading Daze lies in the decriminalized ability to separate yourself from the world in a cloud of smoke. Just take a walk down to the BFEC with some close pals, or some people you run into in the market, or some new feral cat friends, and absorb yourself in the glorious smoke billowing from the BFEC bonfire.
  • For the more adventurous, a jaunt up the steep frickin’ hill to the Pine Grove can be fruitful in many ways. It’s just nice to hang out in some soft pine needles sometimes, you guys. It also looks like something out of a Miyazaki film up there, and sources have confirmed that time does indeed move differently up under those trees.
  • If you’re not into ugly-sweating up an 80-degree hill, you need step no further than your shower. Just turn it on, sit down in the bathroom with friends and enjoy a nice steam bath that will open your pores. This method doesn’t involve the long walk down the hill to the steam room at the KAC—because who does that?
  • Probably you’re going to want to stroll on over to New Apts and semi-accidentally hook up with that cute frisbee player because what else will you be doing that night anyway? Probably.
  • If you meet up with a friend who hasn’t been down to the BFEC, why not ask them to give you a ride in their nice Mazarati to Chipotle? Why not stop for some fried eggs at Southside on your way?
  • Whatever you do, don’t fool around on that dumb tire swing behind Mather. What is this, amateur hour?

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