Places to Go in Mount Vernon: Reading Days Edition


As we all know, today is the start of the glorious and much anticipated reading days. The leaves are changing, the weather is crisp, and you don’t have to leave your bed for the next four days. There is nothing more promising than this four day weekend. If you do decide to leave your bed and explore, you don’t have to go far. Mount Vernon, Ohio, our little hamlet of a city is waiting for you. Don’t be so quick to dismiss its charms. There is more to Mount Vernon than what first meets the eye.

  1. Farley and Moore: A dazzling antique store right on Main Street. Do you like collectible Elvis plates? They have them! Are you more partial to vintage picture frames and old school tables? You’re in luck. I personally love this little three story haven for its abundance of old postcards, occasional velvet 70s dress, and the reasonable prices. If you still haven’t gotten around to furnishing your apartment, this should be your first reading days stop.
  2. Winestein: For my of age readers out there, this glamourous wine bar is for you. A fellow Thrill editor recently alerted me to the existence of this place and I couldn’t be more grateful. Their informative Facebook page tells us that Winestein has imported wine and beer from all over the word in an elevated lounge setting. What else could be better? Oh, wait. I know! Free Wifi, acoustic music, and ladies night! Ladies drink half off on Mondays. You’re welcome, everyone.
  3. Down Home Leather: Are you in need of a new, fancy leather backpack? A new coin purse to carry all of your coins? Well, you are in luck. Down Home Leather store in Mount Vernon is ready to cater to all of your leather needs. Check out their website for an informative history of leather.
  4. Sips Coffee House: Reading days is the perfect time to get that caffeine fix you have been craving. Look no further than Sips for imported beans from all around the world and some lovely deli sandwiches. The atmosphere is welcoming and the speciality drinks are everything you have been dreaming about. What exactly is in a Nutty Irishmen you ask? Well you will just have to go and find out.
  5. Soothing Touch Massage Therapy: This one is a bit of loose cannon, but really, what is life if you aren’t living on the edge? I have constantly thought to myself, do you know what would make Mount Vernon better? A massage therapy studio. All of my prayers have been answered. The website looks pretty legit. Grab some friends and do a spa day. The building may look a bit sketchy but what could wrong with a name like Soothing Touch? Right?

4 responses

  1. SIPS coffee is horrible, only for people who don’t know any better. Seriously? Did you get over-rubbed at Soothing Touch?

  2. Hmmm must have suffered sensory deprivation. Another great place to eat is the bar at the Alcove with their under $10 meals.

  3. Sips coffee may be watery, but they have great food and friendly service. Don’t be snobs.
    Also, there are a LOT of massage studios in town!

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