10 o’clock list: Things I’ve Woken-Up With in my Bed

Ginger understands the pain of waking up on a Sunday. Or any day, really.

Ginger understands the pain of waking up on a Sunday. Or any day, really.

Everybody makes mistakes. But hopefully you remember some of yours better than I do. Luckily, I’ve had some wonderful clues to decipher in the morning, courtesy of the detriment I’ve found in my twin XL. Read on to see what artifacts I’ve been left with to uncover the mysteries of the night before.

  1. Operating Systems Concepts by Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, now including new chapters on Windows 7! As a history major/art history minor going to a school with one computer science class, this textbook was a clunky surprise. But on the plus side, there’s velociraptors on the cover.
  2. A Walt Disney World poncho with a slightly peeling Mickey Mouse decal. This ungodly priced $18 poncho smelt of tourism and something wet. Wet but not necessarily water. The lab results should be back any day now.
  3. A copy of Professor Camerra-Rowe’s paper, “Trouble Brewing? EU and Member-State Public Health Policy and the European Beer Industry,” not assigned for class. A good read, but no fancy European tips on how to cure a hangover.
  4. An empty DVD case for the TV movie As Told by Ginger: Far From Home. To be honest I wasn’t even drunk for this one.
  5. Your Mom and Regret. The twist on this one was that I actually woke-up in jail.*

*This is false. I have no criminal record. Hey dad. How’re you doing?

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