10 o’clock list: Most Desirable Kenyon Apparel in the Bookstore

photo (31)

Your parents are coming and they have nice shiny wallets and care about your well being and will maybe even pay for a tank of premium gas to put in the Jaguar they bought you, but enough about getting your parents to buy you stuff this weekend, here’s a list of stuff you can buy them (with the money they’ve already put on your K-card).  Woohoo, Dads love golf shirts!

  1. This black (Wool? Cotton? I didn’t check) v-neck sweater with an embroidered Kenyon seal is the best way to get your parent to represent Kenyon while at work/any other business casual situation. photo (29)
  2. Your sister will love these soft and graphic Kenyon sweatpants. Send them home as a thoughtful gift to ensure that she’ll feel very sorry for attending high school play rehearsal instead of coming to Family Weekend. photo (28)
  3. Quidditch is kooky and for adolescent wizards, just like Kenyon! Get this shirt for your Mom so she can pretend she’s on a new intramural team none of her co-ed softball teammates have ever heard of. photo (27)
  4. This fleecy sweater is no longer sold at the Bookstore, but you could try stealing it off of the back of this unsuspecting student. No dent in your K-card balance required! photo (30)
  5. Buy this tank top in a size medium as a birthday present for your older brother (your parents will think this is sweet) and then accidentally put it through the wash and claim the ‘surprisingly’ much-smaller tank top for yourself. photo (26)

7 responses

  1. I’m tired of the Thrill assuming that all Kenyon students have parents with “nice shiny wallets” and “money to buy things.” It stems from a significant place of ignorance to assume that all Kenyon students have parents with income to spend right and left on their children, not to mention the fact that some parents cannot even afford to get to Gambier for the weekend, let alone bring their children on shopping sprees to Easton.

    • i think a big part of this post is making fun of the sometimes pretty irritating privilege of many kenyon students. like dude this is a comedic post that is mostly poking holes in this idea more than anything. as someone else whose background doesn’t fit this mold and whose parents rarely can afford to make it to gambier to visit (they’ve visited once i think?), i find most of becca’s (and other thrill authors’) posts to be pretty satisfying in lightheartedly bemoaning the usually-true stereotypes of this school.

  2. I actually find this article, and the article referenced in the hyperlink, to be incredibly rude and full of ignorant remarks.

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