Gossip From the Hill


Be careful.

Good Afternoon, Kenyon. Here’s hoping you were able to have a little fun this weekend away from the prying eyes of your parents. Maybe you found out exactly who wrote that sweet little comment  about you? Let’s be honest, this weekend was boring so I’m gonna jump ahead a little, let’s talk about the ball!

“She love me, yeah, yeah, yeah,” will certainly be heard through a few walls on campus this weekend, and yes I am looking at you lonely lord/lady who will be wooed by the melodious sounds of a fake Paul McCartney. What? The invite did say the beer and wine would be flowing for all. Now that’s my kind of party! But still a few shots beforehand probably would have done Cinderella a world of good, why not you too? I know most trustees are married, but their room at the inn is probably much nicer than your Caples double, not a bad trade-off.

Try to be welcoming, we’d hate for the Decateurs to go back to Oberlin. That being said these are the people who took away your favorite Halloween entertainment, you deserve a little fun at their expense.

I’m sure we’ll all have a good time at the ball, just don’t let your professors see that flask in your jacket, you might be asked for a swig by the time this is all over!

Even if you don’t love me, I love you, and maybe someone on Kenyon Confessions does too. Keep me posted.


Philander Chase

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