Do You Know the D-Cat?

You mean I have to wear this thing? President Sean Decatur prepares for his first Opening Convocation.

Show your purple pride like Decatur shows his. (Photo by Henri Gendreau ’16.)

As inauguration approaches, Kenyon President Sean Decatur is becoming more and more of a campus celebrity. His face adorns the wall of Peirce and his robes watch us attentively as we enter and leave the library. Yet, what do you really know about our esteemed President? Take our quiz and find out if you’re a D-Cat know-it-all, or if you need to hit the books.

1. Where did Sean Decatur go to undergrad?

a. Kenyon College

b. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

c. Swarthmore College

d. University of Wisconsin at Madison

2. Which Greek organizations was President Decatur associated with while in college?

a. Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi

b. Sigma Pi and Rho Lambda

c. Delta Kappa Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa

d. Sigma Pi and Sigma Xi

3. Which is D-Cat’s most recent scientific paper?

a. “Fiber Difraction as a Screen for Amyloid Inhibitors”

b. “Amide I Frequency as a Probe of Tertiary Structure: FTIR Studies of Helix Bundle Peptides”

c. “1H NMR Characterization of Myoglobins Where Exogenous Imidazoles Replace the Proximal Histidine”

d. “Amyloid Fiber Formation in Human yD-Crystallin Induced by UV-B Photodamage”

4. Which acapella group did Decatur first see at Kenyon?

a. The Owl Creeks

b. The Kokosingers

c. The Cornerstones

d. The Company

5. What department does President Decatur’s wife, Renee Romano, teach for at Oberlin?

a. Biochemistry

b. History and African American studies

c. Anthropology and Sociology

d. Economics

6. How many connections does D-Cat have on Linked In?

a. 7

b. 611

c. 3,553

d. 262

Answer key: (1. c, 2. a, 3. d, 4. b, 5. b, 6. d.)

Tally up the number you got correct and read on!

If you got…

1-2 Correct: Go back to school, honey! (Just kidding, you’re already here.) Make sure you brush up a bit on your D-Cat facts in case you run into him at Fall Blues Friday night. Wouldn’t want to make a fool of yourself already!

3-4 Correct: You’re on your way! You know just enough to impress people, but not enough that it could be considered creepy. Don your purple and head on over to the Inaugural Ball for a casual but fun time with the college’s new President.

5-6 Correct: Better camp out by the KAC two days in advance for the Inauguration, because you’re a D-Cat superfan. Just make sure that you don’t ask him to sign your chest. That’d be kind of weird.

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