Uphill/Downhill: The Inauguration and Programming

Well it’s hump day again, this week kind of feels like it’s flying by.

Uphill: The Inauguration — A once in a lifetime opportunity is upon us this weekend, a new President will be inaugurated while we are still students here. It’s a really rare opportunity that we’ve had (three classes at this school have had two Presidents in their time here). This is going to be a pretty historically significant weekend and it’s one of the cooler traditions we have here at Kenyon. To top if all off, it sounds like this is going to be a pretty rockin’ party as well. My recommendations for this weekend? Stay safe, stay classy, pace yourself.

Downhill: Inauguration Programming — I know I’m a pretty big deal at this school, but apparently not as big as I thought. Kenyon decided to use none of my ideas for the programming this weekend. I mean, sure the illumination of Old Kenyon will be pretty cool, but what about the Decatur vs. Former Presidents cage match? Or my “Kenyon Works…” ideas. The best being: “Kenyon Works: Bullshitting Your Liberal Arts Resume”, “Kenyon Works: Getting a Comfortable Buzz at a Pre-game”, and “Kenyon Works: Flirting at the Cove.”

One response

  1. At the “Writers Read” event in Olin 131 we’ll be glad to read your liberal arts resume. Bring it in at 3 and for added fun, we’ll read it out loud to get the full effect.

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