An Interview with the Most Interesting Man on Campus

The great man himself with the D-Cals. Photo by Andrew Stewart '15

The great man himself with the D-Cals. Photo by Andrew Stewart ’15

You’ve seen him walking on campus. He has camera with him everywhere, wears a spiffy new suit and tie, and carries a brown leather suitcase like a pro. Henri Gendreau ‘16 is the hidden gem of this school- he hears, sees, and documents everything. After taking pictures of President Decatur at Convocation, Henri created the ultimate Decatur memorabilia, the “D-Cal.”

 Where did the idea come from?

 Well, you see, the idea originally came from the play on words. D-Cat, D-Cal. I take pictures for the Collegian and thought a decal would be such an interesting project. I was sitting in a tree taking pictures at Convocation and the idea for Decatur as the subject seemed absolutely perfect.  I thought it would be a fun way to welcome President to campus with these decals for students, faculty, and alumni. Now that it is Inauguration I hope we can continue to welcome him and show our support with the D-Cals even more so.

How did you choose the picture?

I took multiple pictures at Convocation. I had a few wide shots and was trying to not disturb anyone. I got a few great close-ups of President Sean Decatur, and I thought in this one picture he looks the most contemplative.

 How can people buy them?

They are selling at the bookstore for $2.71, $3 with tax. It is important for people to know that one dollar for each button goes to the Gambier Historical Society. So not only are you welcoming the president, but also are supporting the local community. I am also going to have a booth at the Inaugural Ball. Not for too long, because that’s awkward, but I will be there for about an hour until about 9:30.

Has Decatur ever contacted you about the D-Cals?

I got an email from Dean of Students saying they wanted to see image. I said, certainly, and I’ll show it to you tomorrow. He emailed me shortly after saying come to Ransom Hall now. I went to Decatur’s office, and he thought it was very amusing and gave me his blessing to proceed.

 Do you have any final advice for the President this weekend?

Keep his cool, and I think he’ll do a fine job.

 To spruce up your Inaugural Weekend, be sure to snag one of these precious one of a kind D-Cals. And as Henri says, keep your cool.

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