Meet a PC: Kasya O’Connor-Grant ’16

Every week, The Thrill features a member of a student-support organization to bring awareness about the various resources available to the student body on campus. Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help.

This week, we are featuring a Peer Counselor, Kasya O’Connor-Grant ’16, from Washington, D.C.


Cookie pie or giant cookie? Cookie pie. Variety.
What’s the best meal you’ve ever had (excluding cookie pie and/or giant cookie)? At Peirce or in life?
  • Peirce: It’s not really a meal but the Cathy Supreme (courtesy of Cathy Mayer) is a delicious dessert wrap.
  • Life: Any dish at Meskerem (Ethiopian restaurant on 18th Street in DC).
What’s the last good book you read? A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.
Why do you love your hometown? See Question 2 (essentially, the Ethiopian food is on point).


What is your favorite place to nap on campus? The floor of any 3rd floor library room.
What movie have you watched most frequently and why? The Princess Bride. I used to watch it with my dad whenever I got sick, and so now it’s a nice thing to turn to whenever I’m feeling a bit homesick.
Why did you become a PC? I became a PC because I think that having another student at Kenyon as a resource for when you’re feeling down can be incredibly valuable. Even just the knowledge that your peers are willing and ready to listen can make all the difference.

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