Weekend Drink: Inauguration Fizz

(via Kenyon.edu)

So, the auspicious date is finally here.  Sean M. Decatur official becomes the 19th president of Kenyon College, complete with an official swearing in and ball and robes.  I’m assuming there will be lots of robes.  And a medallion, appearantly.  Anyway, let’s celebrate this great day and new beginning for our college in the traditional manner by guzzling down a mild poison until we can’t walk straight.  Delicious, delicious poison.  Anyway, here’s a drink to knock back before you head down to the gala.  Or after.  Or anytime,  really.  Who cares when, just drink the damn thing: 


-2 oz gin

-Splash of lemon or lime juice

-1 tablespoon of sugar  (The finer the better.  You can probably just get away with stealing some packets from Peirce and using those, but it will mean more mixing.)

– Club soda

Mix it well until the sugar’s dissolved and knock it back.  For an upgrade you can lose the sugar and seltzer and add some champagne into it, if you’re feeling fancy.  Or on the downgrade you can lose the sugar and seltzer and just using Sprite (fair warning, I’ve yet to try this. But I figure sugar plus carbonation is pretty much Sprite.)  Well, get out there, have a great  inauguration night, and don’t say I never did anything for ya.

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